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Future motorsports stars to drive brand-new Mazda2 under AAP stewardship

Mazda - AAP partnership-2

Premium Japanese brand Mazda Philippines turned over 5 units of the 1.5-liter Mazda2 to the Automobile Association Philippines’ Motorsports Development Program (MSD) yesterday.

The AAP, an FIA-appointed organization, has trained over 400 aspiring motorsports drivers for the program. These are 16-19 year olds who are future road users, and who would hopefully blaze their own way in the racetracks. AAP’s goal is to make motorsports safe, fair and affordable.

Mazda is known in the automotive circle as the driver’s car. Jinba Ittai, one of its brand philosophies, means the “horse” (in this case, the car) horse and the rider are as one. Mazda R&D has placed in its core the human-centric vehicle development, an emotional, practical, and interactive bond between the car and the driver, a linear response that fits the driver’s feeling. This means Mazda engineers have studied and designed cars that offer the most relaxed position, not unlike that of an astronaut floating in zero gravity.

“It is useless to criticize drivers on the road if we don’t do anything to train them,” quipped Mazda Philippines’ president and CEO Steven Tan during the turnover ceremonies at the Megatent open grounds in Quezon City, in the presence of AAP’s Mandy Eduque, Gus Lagman, 10-time rallye champ VIP Isada and other AAP officials. The two-day AAP drivers’ training would also include Mazda owners who are also members of Mazda car clubs.

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