Better ways found today: Nas Daily on the ‘Friend Zone’; Ukrainian humor; 60 scientists call for less meat

Nas Daily, Eric Feng, and a little girl eating

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You are who your close friends are

In Episode 1138 of the phenomenally successful Nas Daily Facebook video page, Nas talks about the way close friends and associates shapes one’s perceptions and behaviors.

In this episode, titled “Be Careful of the Friend Zone”, Nas explains, through the metaphor of water repeatedly flowing over a rock, the latter is slowly shaped by the former over time.

As a concrete example (pun intended), Nas–a self-confessed meat lover and a “hater” of vegetarians–admitted how he was slowly influenced by his girlfriend and best friend (fellow socmed celebrities Alyne and Agon) to eventually ditch the meat and become vegetarian himself (update: Nas still eats fish, so he’s a pescetarian).

As usual, in his engaging and compelling way, Nas pushes his thought-provoking idea forward to instill in his viewers the adage: “You are who your close friends are.”

Watch the full video here:

Be Careful of the Friend Zone!

Humor at the World Leaders Conference

In a Facebook video posted nearly a month ago and has gained over 7 million views, life coach Eric Feng described, “The President of Ukraine made a presentation at the World Leaders Conference and this was his opening. As a speechwriter myself, I think this was an impressive opening. What do you think?”

The nearly 4-minute video shows a simulated chat between the world leaders group that included Ukraine (the admin in this chat, we presume), France, Germany, Spain, the United States, England, Finland, Denmark, Belarus, Russia, South Korea, and China, with North Korea jumping in later into the chat. The audience can be heard laughing at the messages and notifications appearing in the chat. Indeed, the presentation is a light-hearted approach to a serious gathering, yet still makes you wonder, does this takes a dig at how the world leaders really think?

Watch the full clip here:

The President of Ukraine made a presentation at the world leaders 

60 scientists call for less meat, dairy in schools and hospitals

An article titled “Sixty scientists sign open letter calling for less meat and dairy in schools and hospitals” by Poebe Weston, Science Correspondent of the online news media entity Independent, reported that, “More than 60 scientists from 11 countries have signed an open letter calling for governments around the world to cut the quantities of meat and dairy served in schools and hospitals.”

The article adds that the open letter urges mayors to reduce animal products in public canteens as part of a move to “maintain a safe climate and planet for the future of humanity”.

The article goes on to reveal that livestock emissions, including the associated deforestation impact, account for 14.5% of greenhouse gas emissions, “equivalent to all cars, trains, ships and aircraft combined.”

Read the full story here:

Sixty scientists sign open letter calling for less meat and dairy in schools and hospitals