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Help us bring back the natural balance of Earth’s living ecosystems, by joining our community of compassionate people whose end goal is to make human existence work towards the optimum conditions for our planet to sustain all life, not just human life.

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Man riding a bicycle while wearing a face mask because of the pandemic
The Philippines, like most countries, has been under a prolonged state of community quarantine that …
artwork of the earth and the coronavirus
In an April 22 question-and-answer session, the World Health Organization declared that the ongoing global …
A bamboo-framed face shield created by Filipino scientists
As the entire National Capital Region and Cebu City in the Philippines remain in a …
El Nido, Palawan drone shot
Two Representatives from the Philippine Congress have recently aired their environmental concerns covering land and …
Joey Alarilla Post Featured Image
Thanks to the CoViD-19 pandemic and the enhanced community quarantine, many of us are staying …
100% Plant-based burger
An April 27 CNN article titled “Meat processing plants across the US are closing due …
Despite its efforts to stay low key and out of mainstream media attention, food giant …
Woman exercising during quarantine
Have you been anticipating the lifting of the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) this April 30, …
Post Featured Image
Were you able to watch the historic One World: Together at Home global broadcasting and …
The Next Big Thing - The PubForties
In case you didn’t know, TessDrive’s chief editor Aries B. Espinosa is the vocalist for …
The world is in the deadly grip of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (CoViD-19) pandemic. Governments …
100% vegan food
Much of the world is now in lockdown due to the public health threat of …


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Trees make up the forests, which in turn serve as the Earth’s lungs, producing oxygen for all living, breathing organisms, while absorbing carbon dioxide to mitigate global warming.

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Thinking green cancels out greed, the human tendency to get more from nature than what we need, and actually replaces it with our other inherent nature – giving 

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Concrete proof of human ingenuity and creative action in the real estate industry that support and espouse sustainability

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