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There's always a better way to a better world.

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Help us bring back the natural balance of Earth’s living ecosystems, by joining our community of compassionate people whose end goal is to make human existence work towards the optimum conditions for our planet to sustain all life, not just human life.

News and Stories

silver electric car charging

For electric vehicle (EV) owners, range anxiety is real. Perhaps one of the most difficult …

TessDrive PH continues its series of “mukbang” videos, this time with an Independence Day special …

EV battery

In what may be an acknowledgment that the electric vehicle (EV) industry and other sectors …

Felino Palafox Jr
The Consortium, using technologies developed by double Olympic gold medalist yachtsman Iain Percy OBE

In a move bolstering the global maritime sector’s assertiveness of its environmental drives, a Belfast …

the world’s first full-EV pickup Endurance

Talk about a pickup truck with literally a “four-wheel drive”. Ohio-based startup electric vehicle (EV) …

Shiela R. Castillo, a vegan climate advocate and futurist

There have been numerous issues affecting the Earth’s sustainability. Many of these problems have been …

malnourished child

Eight geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas (GIDAs) will soon benefit from the operation of complementary …

Xiaomi logo

Xiaomi, the third-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, has expressed its interest in entering the …

The new aptera, a futuristic car

The times have been productive for the electric vehicle (EV) industry despite the ongoing pandemic. …

Community pantry

The Pinoy “bayanihan” (camaraderie) spirit has resurfaced with the recent establishment of neighborhood community pantries …

EcoPulse, a French-designed hybrid-electric aircraft

The world may see a French-designed hybrid-electric aircraft take to the skies as early as …


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Set the pace to make the world a better place

Save The Trees

Trees make up the forests, which in turn serve as the Earth’s lungs, producing oxygen for all living, breathing organisms, while absorbing carbon dioxide to mitigate global warming.

Think Green

Thinking green cancels out greed, the human tendency to get more from nature than what we need, and actually replaces it with our other inherent nature – giving 

Sustainable Structures

Concrete proof of human ingenuity and creative action in the real estate industry that support and espouse sustainability

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Getting around the urban congestion on two-wheeled pedal power can be safe, fun, and eye-opening

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