Breastfeeding expert Nanay Nona and her 30-year journey into veganism

TessDrive PH presents Nona “Nanay Nona” Andaya-Castillo’s 30-year journey into veganism. Nanay Nona is an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant, and among the staunchest advocates of veganism in the Philippines.

In this video feature, Nanay Nona narrates her life transition from a sickly, meat-eating youngster to a healthy vegan who was able to stave off a number of diseases and allergies, thanks to a mindful, purely plant-based diet. With the loving support of her husband, Nanay Nona was also able to go through her pregnancy virtually problem- and pain-free.

Through her 30 years (and counting) of being a vegan, Nanay Nona has not only maintained her good health, but has also contributed much to the health of the planet as well, as the video enumerates the many tangible environmental benefits of even just one person going purely plant based in their diet and lifestyle.

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