100% vegan food

Great vegan food stops within 2 hours of Metro Manila

Much of the world is now in lockdown due to the public health threat of the novel Coronavirus, which causes the deadly Coronavirus Disease 2019 (CoViD-19). The situation in the Philippines is no different, as millions of Filipinos have been urged by the government to stay at home in order to deprive the virus the chance to spread further.

But lockdowns and quarantines certainly won’t last forever. Eventually, people do have to go out and conduct our businesses, and be faithful to our inherent characteristic of communing and just being the social beings that we truly are. When that happens, we surely will give in to those cravings of eating out and enjoying the company of others amidst great food.

So, why not celebrate our newfound “freedom” by going on an out-of-town trip and enjoying great-tasting, cruelty-free food?

If you have a couple of hours to spare, then come with us for a drive to some great vegan restaurants in the southern suburbs of Metro Manila. We’ve got good company, great-tasting 100% plant based dishes, and a filling experience that’s good not just for our tummies and bodies, but for our conscience as well.

For this trip, we’ll have the spacious and sporty-looking 2019 Honda HRV RS variant to take us there.

Our first stop is Satya Graha in Los Banos, Laguna Province, just a stone’s throw from the University of the Philippines-Los Banos.

The next destination is just a couple of kilometers from Satya Graha, within the UPLB campus itself.

The vegans and foodies of Los Banos are truly lucky. They don’t have just one, but two restaurants to indulge in.

The third destination is on the cool mountain slopes of Alfonso in Cavite Province, around 70 kilometers from Los Banos. Its name is Sentro Botanikos Eco-Farm, and the place is near the tourist magnet that is the Tagaytay ridge. In fact, this place experienced ashfall during the recent eruption of Taal Volcano. No matter how cold this place gets, you can’t put down a steaming hot bowl of vegan bulalo, the best plant-based version of a Batangueno classic.

These three featured restaurants are all Waze-able, so you won’t need to pull over and ask directions. And they’re all within two hours of each other and from Metro Manila. When it’s your turn to give in to that vegan or plant-based craving of yours, why not try out the route you just saw now? You’ll not only have a great time traveling and eating with your friends or family, but you’ll be saving a lot of animal lives by eating only plant-based food. Now that’s the real guilt-free dining, don’t you think?