maxene magalona

Maxene Magalona: A new life with veganism

Actor and social media personality Maxene Magalona acknowledged in a talk during the recently concluded VegFest Pilipinas 2022 that she experienced mental health issues.

Speaking to a crowd of visitors at the annual food festival last Nov. 20 at The Spine of Blue Bay Walk in Pasay City, Maxene also shared that she had found an effective way to address her inner demons.  

“I started thinking. If I want to be kinder, if I want to stop my anger issues, maybe even the food that I’m putting in my body, maybe that has a connection. It’s so funny that we think that food is not connected to our mental state. But it is. Everything is connected,” she said.

“I figured if I eat cruelty-free food, then maybe I will get cruelty-free energy. And it really did work. It took a while, but it did work,” she shared with the crowd.

Maxene then promoted veganism, saying, “I’m here, standing in front of you today to tell you that veganism really changed my life. It changed my lifestyle for the better, and it made me become a more conscious being, a more active participant in this world. I’m here to actually enjoy and to live life to the fullest. And that means eating yummy food without having to kill or cause suffering upon other living beings.”

Maxene also expressed admiration for her fellow “Kai-vegans.”

“Compassion is a god-like superpower. For all of you vegans here I’m so proud of you because you choose this lifestyle. It’s not easy. But it’s definitely worth it,” she stressed.

She then shared how others could manage their own mental health issues. “I’m here encouraging all of you to be kinder. To yourself, first and foremost. Forgive yourself, accept yourself. Be your own best friend, so that you can heal naturally. And then you can bring yourself into alignment. When you are in alignment, you are a better human being for the whole world. We are here not just for ourselves. We are here as one whole. We are all connected.

“Prayer. Pray for yourself, pray for everyone around you. Pray for all beings, our animal friends. That’s you sending them good energy. Practice. Practice meditation, journaling, and having a routine that you connect to yourself every day. With practice comes progress. Practice kindness every day. Presence. Please be present, for yourself, with your loved ones. Be there 100%. Our presence is one of the best gifts to the people around us,” she concluded.

Maxene has found her own niche in the show business as an actress, model, and host. She’s also a yoga instructor. Coming from the popular Magalona clan that includes grandparents actors Pancho Magalona and Tita Duran, father iconic rapper Francis Magalona, and siblings Saab and Elmo, Maxene has stamped her own brand in her portrayal of television characters Vivian Salvador in “My Lover, My Wife” and Donna Vallejo in “Daddy Di Do Du”. She is best known as Alex Acosta in “Doble Kara.”