Plant-based nutrition explained, with bonus meatless cooking demo! held on the afternoon of July 29 its pilot Facebook livestreaming session, featuring expert plant-based nutritionist Dr. Blecenda “Doc Blecy” Varona and New York-trained chef Lilibeth “Chef B” Camposano.

The livestream was also shared online, in real time, with students of Enderun Colleges.

Dr. Varona shared her insights and extensive knowledge of plant-based nutrition in an 18-minute lecture dwelling on the topic “The Epigenetics Influencers and Plant Foods”, while the second part of the session featured the creative culinary processes involved in preparing delicious yet nutritious meat-free dishes in the capable hands of Chef B.

More than just being a nutritionist, Doc Blecy has helped thousands prevent and even reverse their lifestyle diseases. She has pioneered the Lifestyle and Medicine Program in the Philippines, and designs wellness programs for companies and communities. She has been recently named the Outstanding Nutritionist and Dietitian for 2021 by the Nutritionist Dietitians Association of the Philippines.

Chef B is the hardworking CEO of Sexy Kitchen by B. She’s also the Program Director of the Academy for International Culinary Arts, or AICA. She’s a graduate of the Culinary Arts and Technology Management Program of the Center for Culinary Arts Manila, and was a Dean’s Lister in the Professional Pastry Arts Program of the International Culinary Center in New York in the United States, where she was also a scholar in the Center’s Culinary Entrepreneurship Program. Chef B has become a leading advocate for sustainability and plant-based cuisine, and has continuously participated in the Global Plant-Forward Culinary Summit of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park and Napa Valley.

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