Roadside assistance for Chevrolet cars up to March 31

Up to March 31, Chevrolet Philippines’ Summer Sprint Roadside Assistance Program offers Chevrolet customers a complimentary vehicle check-up, ensuring their vehicles are perfectly tuned for the summer season’s journeys.

The Summer Sprint program offers multiple services, including a comprehensive 25-point check-up conducted by certified professionals. This thorough inspection covers essential vehicle components, including the engine, electronics, and safety systems, guaranteeing that each Chevrolet is in best condition for any travel adventure.

In addition to the check-up, the program includes preventive maintenance service (PMS) and quick repair service, which proactively address potential issues, reinforcing the vehicle’s reliability and safety. Chevrolet’s dedicated technical team will be on standby to provide expert care, aiming to minimize downtime and enhance the overall summer driving experience for Chevrolet owners.

Chevrolet encourages customers to seize this unique opportunity. Book your appointment through any authorized Chevrolet dealer.