TessDrive ed goes on a new e-bike adventure

TessDrive editor Aries B. Espinosa goes on a new e-bike adventure, this time going farther east of Metro Manila, into the history- and culture-rich towns of Rizal and Laguna provinces, culminating in a lung-busting push up the incredibly steep narrow road leading to the summit of Mount Pingas in Pakil town in Laguna.

This 95-km ride covering the northern region of Laguna de Bay also marked the 24th edition of the annual century ride of Cycling Adventures and Adventures (Cycad), which has been holding these day-long, 160-km fun rides to the surrounding provinces around Metro Manila since the 1990s. Cycad’s century rides have been participated in by thousands of competitive and recreational cyclists through the years. The event went on a forced hiatus at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic from 2020 to 2022, and it was only this year that a small group of Cycad members resumed the run.

new e-bike adventure

The group biked from Quezon City (in Aries’ case, Las Pinas), towards the Sierra Madre mountain range via Antipolo City and Teresa, continuing to the other Rizal towns of Morong, Baras, Tanay, and Pililla via the Manila East Road. The climb up to Sitio Bugarin also marked the group’s entry into Laguna province, starting with Mabitac, then Famy, Siniloan, and Pakil, where the two-hour climb to the 1,500-foot Mount Pingas led the bikers to a half-finished chapel dedicated to a Franciscan priest who carried a heavy wooden cross up the mountain as penitence. The reward at the summit was a magnificent view of northeastern Laguna de Bay and the towns of Pakil, Paete, and Pangil.

After the climb, which was done on foot since the road was too steep and slippery for bikes because of the non-stop rains, the group resumed its ride to Paete and Pangil towns. The group arrived at KM 107 restaurant in Pangil around twilight, shivering wet. It was decided then that the ride would officially end because of the inclement weather. A service vehicle fetched the riders and their bikes to safely take them back to Metro Manila.

Here are the details of Aries’ modified Paselec GS9-Plus e-bike:

  • Frame: Aluminum-alloy full-suspension with 26-inch tires
  • Motor: 1,000-watt motor, instead of the standard 750-watt.
  • Battery: 14.5Ah, 48V capacity lithium-ion. Charging time from 20% to 100% is around 7 or 8 hours. The battery and BMS are placed inside the frame.
  • Battery range: Depending on the pedal assist modes used, battery power can last between 50 and 100 km.
  • Weight: 32 kilos (70 pounds)
  • Gearing and speed: Throttle and pedal-assist modes (1 to 5), 7-speed gear shifter, with a top speed (throttle only) of 45 kph.
  • Climb capacity: Up to 30 degree-incline.
  • Modifications: Frame, electrical, motor, and battery mods are done at the shop of Harry Cabigas Dela Pena in Pasay City. Check out his other e-bike builds on his Facebook page Harry ng Pasay, or on his personal account. Message him directly at 0946-5668484.