The Next Big Thing - The PubForties

TessDrive’s chief editor releases ‘lockdown’ music video

In case you didn’t know, TessDrive’s chief editor Aries B. Espinosa is the vocalist for a semi-professional Filipino rock band The PubForties.

The PubForties already has a few original songs out on digital (Spotify, etc). Check out “Road Rage”, “Drive On”, and “Stop the World”. Their newest single, titled “Next Big Thing”, completed recording a month before the CoViD-19 pandemic broke out and locked us into our homes.

The spirit of creativity was not to be stifled, though. So, using the wonders of social media and the internet, The PubForties were able to create an unofficial music video that adapts to the times. Using the band’s previous rehearsal and performance footage, and then splicing some contributed lockdown videos and pictures of Facebook friends, The PubForties were able to put together a video that somehow meshes the harsh loneliness of being limited in physical movement, and the hopefulness of being out amongst each other again in the near future.

Thus, as the song, written by bassist Yugel Losorata, would describe of a talent that’s just waiting to be unleashed, the video shows us, portrayed by the members of The PubForties, looking forward to the time when we can also be “unleashed” once more into the world, making things even better in the “new normal” of a post-CoViD-19 world.

Each one of us is the “next big thing” in everyone else’s world.