Plant-based Filipino ice cream

This plant-based, dairy-free ice cream doesn’t just taste great, it supports coconut farmers, and wins awards

The 100% Philippine-made vegan ice-cream brand that goes by the name Super Scoops has recently been recognized by international award giving body UK-based Great Taste.

On Sept. 22, Super Scoops of The Superfood Grocer Philippines was awarded a star for both its Choco Brownie Madness and Coffee Cashew Crumble flavors. The latter, incidentally, was adjudged “Best Vegan Dessert in Manila” by top chefs and food influencers at a vegan dessert-making competition organized by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals-Asia (PETA-Asia) in 2019. It’s also the TessDrive team’s favorite Super Scoops flavor.

Ralph Go, a vegan athlete who has competed in events abroad, and co-owner of The Superfood Grocer Philippines with Carmela Cancio-Go, recently showed TessDrive the two certificates from the Great Taste body. Ralph says the one-star award means that the two Super Scoops products “delivers fantastic flavors”. The Great Taste body awards a maximum of 3 stars.

Superfood Grocer Philippines’ Super Scoops is available in Rustan’s Supermarkets and other groceries, vegan shops and health food stores such as The Superfood Grocer Philippines and Real Food. We at TessDrive highly encourage you to buy a tub—or two, or three—of their award-winning flavors.

Why? Aside from the delicious, world-class, Super Scoops is proudly Philippine-made, and uses only locally sourced coconuts grown by our farmers.

All Super Scoops flavors are coconut-based, use only 100% plant-based ingredients, and therefore good for the sustainability of our planet’s ecology. Dairy ice cream uses and exploits cows, which in turn is a major driver of deforestation that accelerates climate change. The production and consumption of livestock and dairy are the most intensive producers of carbon dioxide emissions, and are responsible for 65% of humanity’s total greenhouse gas emissions.

Every tub of Super Scoops ice cream, thus, helps save not only the delicate balance of our planet’s fragile ecology, it also spares cows from lifelong exploitation and enslavement in dairy farms. You and your kids enjoy the same great taste that you’ve grown accustomed to with dairy-based ice cream, but only this time, there’s no animal cruelty and environmental destruction involved. And one more thing, since coconut-based Super Scoops isn’t dairy, it also means it’s lactose-free. So, all you lactose intolerant sweet tooth Pinoys out there, rejoice and start enjoying ice cream again without any tummy-rumbling worries.

On October 3, 2020, Ralph posted to Manila Vegans Facebook page:

“One of our dreams has always been to elevate and proudly represent the Philippines as a world-class vegan brand built on integrity in a challenging, innovative category that pushes the boundaries for change.

“We wanted to proudly use our country’s natural resources—coconuts—and turn these into value adding forces for good.

“Not only is Super Scoops absolutely delicious and made with game-changing 100% plant-based  ingredients, it is also more sustainable for the planet (with 3x less carbon emissions than dairy), supportive of local coconut farmers, and compassionate to animals.

“This is only the beginning. We have much work to do and we look forward to sharing this journey with you all. Thank you all for your continued support. It makes it so worth it to us to hear how the fruits of our labor have made you and your loved ones’ days brighter, one (Super) scoop at a time!”

“Go vegan!”

Super Scoops is available in leading supermarkets, specialty stores, and neighborhood resellers, and is also available for delivery within Metro Manila via