Vegan meat products make it to Time’s new best list

On November 11, reported that plant- and fungi-based vegan meat creations from Beyond Meat, Meati, and MyForest Foods made it to Time Magazine’s “Best Inventions of 2022” list.

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Excerpts from the story:

“Beyond Meat’s new vegan steak won Time’s praise for being a healthier alternative to its animal-derived counterpart. ‘Beyond Steak is easy to imagine in burritos and stir-fries, or as a salad topping,’ Time said of the innovation. ‘The fibrous texture of real steak is there.’

“Meati’s animal-free Classic Cutlet and Crispy Cutlet made the list for looking and tasting ‘remarkably like actual chicken’. The products are made with at least 95% mushroom root. The offerings avoid the fat and cholesterol of conventional animal meat while providing 15g protein, 9g dietary fiber, and a host of micronutrients, such as Riboflavin, Niacin, Folate, Vitamin B12, and Iron. The honor comes just after Meati Foods’ Series C funding, and on the same day as the debut of their Carne Asada Steak and Meati Bundle offerings.

“Lastly, MyForest Foods’ new product MyBacon—the first-ever whole-cut mycelium-based bacon—was recognized for its flavor, texture, minimal ingredients, and shorter production time in comparison to real bacon. The start-up’s nearly 100% mushroom product delivers a flesh-like texture and gristle bacon lovers expect.

“Many vegan innovations have been featured in Time’s Best Inventions list in recent years. Last year, the magazine spotlighted plant-based seafood innovator Current Foods ( formerly called Kuleana) for its 100% plant-based, sushi-grade, ready-to-eat tuna made from algae, koji, radish, bamboo, and potato. Impossible Foods’ Impossible Pork made the list in 2020 whereas Beyond Meat’s Beyond Sausage made it in 2018.” (Mohsina Dodhiya,

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