We Don’t Have Time: Turn your screen time into climate solutions

(Editor’s note: Updated as of August 13, 2021)

Thanks to the CoViD-19 pandemic and the enhanced community quarantine, many of us are staying home and spending more time online. But what if we could use all that screen time to help solve the climate crisis?

Stockholm-based WeDontHaveTime AB (publ) is a startup crowdfunded by over 550 investors from 15 countries. This Swedish company operates the We Don’t Have Time social network, which seeks to harness the power of social media to find solutions for the climate crisis.

The We Don’t Have Time social network lets you create climate actions

People can join the social network free of charge, where they can create climate actions and collaborate with other users. By building a community of climate heroes from all over the world, We Don’t Have Time members can influence companies, organizations, and public figures.

Just like any other social network, all the content on We Don’t Have Time is user-generated. By joining the social network, members agree to these fundamental principles: “I acknowledge the fundamental importance of scientific knowledge and institutions for humanity; that science must never be ignored in our collective efforts to create a better world, and I therefore acknowledge that human activity is a major cause of the climate crisis as long as there is well-established scientific consensus about this.”

We Don’t Have Time also has a mobile app that is available on the App Store and Google Play. One great incentive for downloading the app is that We Don’t Have Time plants a tree for every new app user.

So what can you do on the We Don’t Have Time social network? It allows you to create a climate action, which it describes as “a statement about how we can solve the climate crisis or improve our environment”. You then send this climate action to a recipient, who may be a public figure, a company, or an organization.

You can send three kinds of climate actions. Climate love is praise for someone who is already doing good for the climate, to encourage others to follow this recipient’s example. A climate idea is a suggestion for a new way of doing things. Lastly, a climate warning is sent to urge recipients to stop doing something that is bad for the climate.

We Don’t Have Time Founder and CEO Ingmar Rentzhog says the fight against the pandemic and climate crisis must go hand in hand

These climate actions harness the power of the community. While every climate action starts at Level 1, the more people agree with the action, the more it gets upgraded to a higher level. The higher the level a climate action reaches, the more pressure is exerted on the recipient. Once the climate action reaches the highest level, Level 6, a climate action manager will create and execute a public relations strategy to resolve the climate action.

Apart from letting people collaborate, We Don’t Have Time has a global climate news feed that keeps members updated on the latest media coverage of the climate crisis. The app even allows you to calculate your climate footprint using the ClimateHero carbon calculator.

On Earth Day Week April 20-25, We Don’t Have Time organized the world’s largest online climate conference. This was in collaboration with lead partners Exponential Roadmap and Earth Day Network. One hundred speakers from five continents joined the online conference, which was live streamed.

In his press statement on the online climate conference, We Don’t Have Time Founder and CEO Ingmar Rentzhog said the fight against the CoViD-19 pandemic and the climate crisis must go hand in hand.

“The world must clearly lift the threat of the current pandemic, but we cannot lose sight of the even bigger crisis facing our planet and its people. When the global economy restarts, it must do so with a clear and urgent direction towards a low carbon future,” he said.

So, want to create your own climate action? Join We Have No Time now!

Watch We Don’t Have Time founder Ingmar Rentzhog explain what the network is all about, and how you can be an active part in it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Tg52tQ3UJg