World’s 1st hyper electric scooter unveiled

Gogoro Philippines, a leading brand and technology leader in battery swapping ecosystems for smart electric 2-wheel vehicles that enable sustainable mobility solutions for cities, has unveiled its latest product that may just get your pulse racing.

Gogoro Pulse, branded as the world’s first hyper electric scooter, is set to redefine the landscape of urban transport with its cutting-edge features and unparalleled performance. It stands out as the pinnacle of innovation in Gogoro’s electric Smartscooter lineup, boasting remarkable advancements that position it as one of the most advanced electric vehicles globally.

Key features of Gogoro Pulse include:

  • The H1 Hyperdrive Engine: This motor equipped with a dual cooling system features a Launch Control mode that allows riders to harness the full potential of the remarkable 8.0kW output, propelling the Smartscooter from 0 to 50 kph in just 3.05 seconds, with capabilities extending to speeds well over 100 kph.
  • AeroForce Design Concept: The design ethos of the Gogoro Pulse blends minimalist style with functionality, evoking the image of a blade slicing through air. At its core, the AeroForce Design directs air to cool the engine and minimize drag and turbulence. The result is an ultra aero-efficient body design that not only enhances engine performance but also promises a smoother and more efficient ride for riders.
  • Panoramic 10.25-inch HD touch display: The Gogoro-developed Smart Cockpit with iQ TouchHD is the first 2-wheel vehicle in the world to be powered by Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon QWM2290 digital chassis. This expansive waterproof touch display transforms the riding experience by offering an array of features. From detailed ride information to customizable rider modes, precise turn-by-turn navigation, and a selection of captivating personalized themes, it ensures that every aspect of your journey is enriched.
  • Active Matrix Light: With an expansive 80-degree angle and an impressive 14,700 Cd (candle power), the Active Matrix Light sets a new benchmark for enhanced visibility on the road. Equipped with cornering assistance illumination and a high-speed mode that adjusts to riding speeds, it provides unmatched illumination in various riding conditions. Utilizing this advanced lighting system, riders can navigate with confidence, ensuring safety and clarity throughout their journey.
  • HyperCore Chip: Experience exceptional computing speed with the HyperCore Chip, enhancing the efficiency and functionality of the IQ Touch, HD display, Matrix headlight, and overall vehicle performance. This cutting-edge technology ensures lightning-fast responsiveness, delivering precision and reliability with every interaction.

Scooter key in Apple Wallet and Apple Find My Integration

Pulse also includes Gogoro’s scooter key in Apple Wallet app and Apple Find My feature integration. With the scooter key in Apple Wallet app, Pulse can seamlessly and securely lock, unlock and start with a simple tap of an iPhone device or Apple Watch device. With Apple Find My feature integration, Pulse riders can locate their Smartscooter via the Apple Find My app.

Available in striking white, silver, and grey color options, the Gogoro Pulse Ultra variant will be available in the Philippines on a reservation basis only. Prices start at P450,000, with financing plans to be introduced soon.

Battery-swapping network

Gogoro Smartscooters are powered by groundbreaking battery swapping technology that allows users to swap depleted batteries for fresher ones in a matter of seconds through the Gogoro Network.

Since Gogoro’s launch in December 2023, it has set up 7 battery-swapping GoStations around Metro Manila. GoStations can be found at The Globe Tower in BGC, Taguig, Puregold Parañaque, Puregold Makati, Phoenix Gas Station Shaw, UP Town Center Quezon City, White Plains, Quezon City, and Ayala Malls Feliz in Pasig. New stations are expected to open along C5, EDSA, Makati, and Alabang, with many more coming soon.

Gogoro offers a choice between two energy plans: Plan 799 for up to 420 kms and Plan 999 for up to 700 kms per month.

Experience Gogoro Smartscooters and battery swapping by taking a test ride at the Gogoro Experience Center in Greenbelt 4, Makati City. Book a test ride and dive deep into Gogoro Smartscooter features, and feel the thrill of riding the world’s most advanced electric 2-wheel vehicles.