A devoted son is giving up his dream property to sustain mom recovering from coma

Ancient Greek tragedian Sophocles once said, “Children are the anchors that hold a mother to life”.

Carlo S believes, however, that the other way around is equally true: Mothers are the anchors who hold children to life. It is this very reason that Carlo has given up his dream property to sustain his mom who is recovering from coma as a result of a massive stroke four years ago.

Carlo, an office worker who just finished his monthly payments on a 180-square-meter lot in the upscale village of Augusta in Santa Rosa City in Laguna province, has decided that his dream house that would have been built on this lot could wait. His mother’s needs come first.

He had set aside a big portion of his monthly salary to pay for the lot for more than 10 years. Sometime in 2016, however, his mother suffered a massive stroke, and was confined in the hospital for seven months. Shortly after, with his financial resources being depleted by mounting hospital bills, Carlo decided to sell the property. There were no takers, however.

Evelyn was a dedicated public servant, working for the Department of Interior and Local Government

His mother, Evelyn, was able to recover enough to be discharged from hospital in early 2017, which gave Carlo and his family some relief from costly hospital charges. However, they still owed the hospital a substantial amount, to which Carlo issued promissory notes.

Today, Evelyn is being cared for in her house by a tandem of caregivers. She has made remarkable progress, considering that the 81-year-old was comatose (on the Glasgow Scale of 4) and dependent on a ventilator for a year after being rushed to the hospital four years ago. Against the odds—and her doctors’ dire prognosis—she is now free from the ventilator, can move her head and form facial expressions, and can sit on a wheelchair for three hours twice daily.

Evelyn gets her needed sunbathe at home

Carlo and his family have done everything that they could—and more—to give this compassionate and courageous mother who was also a dedicated public servant a second chance at life. Apart from the doctor-prescribed therapies and protocols, Evelyn is also given enough exposure to the sun, nourished with nutrient-dense liquid food and immunity-boosting fresh juices, and undergoes regular physical therapy. More importantly, despite her inability to verbally communicate, Evelyn is talked to, hugged, and given the affection and attention by all members of the household.

Since the onset of the pandemic, however, a new challenge has faced Carlo’s family. Because of the high risk of exposure to the deadly CoViD-19, Evelyn has not been able to have herself checked up by her pulmonologist, cardiologist, nose/throat doctor, and neurologist at the hospital. She had been scheduled for a tracheostomy tube replacement since June this year, but her doctors themselves have discouraged her from going to the hospital.

Carlo has managed to sustain the 24/7 home care for his mother for nearly three years. But his debts are mounting. Now, more than ever, Carlo needs to sell his property in order to pay off his debts and sustain Evelyn’s care.

TessDrive is asking readers to share this story to people they know who are on the lookout for properties in the bustling city of Santa Rosa in Laguna. Augusta is just 3-km from the posh Nuvali Commercial Complex, and an easy 30-minute drive from Tagaytay City. The property is just beside the Georgia Club Subdivision.

Carlo is offering the property at a “sacrifice sale” of P4 million. The usual selling rate in the area is now P38,000/sqm, valuing the 180-sqm property at over P6.8 million. To know more details about the property, e-mail Carlo at xycarlo@yahoo.com.  

If you simply wish to help Carlo financially, his Paypal account is https://www.paypal.me/FundDriveForEvelyn. To donate via banks, please deposit to EastWest Bank, account name TessDrive Writing Services, account number 200029726417.