Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore’s meatless journey leads to her becoming Quorn’s ‘chief mom officer’

Some time ago, Plant Based News reported that Cardi B, one of the world’s biggest entertainers with more than 20 million Twitter followers, said: “I want to go vegan.” The problem? “I love meat,” the rapper said.

Plant Based News continued: “Through various posts, the musician explained that stomach and digestive problems were causing her to rethink her meat consumption. “Are vegan meat replacements similar to meat in taste, or not really?” she asked.

Cardi B’s tweet, according to PBN, divided fans, with some criticizing the musician. A slew of supporters, however, flocked to the comments section, and left the Tweet with more than 50,000 likes.

A few days ago, PBN broke the news that Drew Barrymore had partnered with Quorn.

TessDrive dug a bit more online, and found that the partnership between Quorn and Barrymore started back in November 2021, and that by the end of the year—as Quorn launched its Meatless ChiQin Cutlets and Wings in the United States—Barrymore took on the “Chief Mom Officer” position with the company.

The actor reportedly stressed that food companies need to become more thoughtful to better meet consumers’ needs.

“Drew Barrymore has joined the team as our first-ever ‘Chief Mom Officer’, or CMO. In her role, she’ll lend her culinary expertise to help develop new products, create recipes in partnership with our executive chef Stephen Kalil and share content on how to incorporate more meat alternatives into mealtime,” stated Quorn US in its website.

Attached in the website is a YouTube link to the “Drew Barrymore Show” with the theme, “How to Have a Meatless Thanksgiving”, dated Nov. 13, 2021, in which she announced that she was the company’s CMO.

“This partnership is very personal for me. As a mom of two daughters, I know the importance of having affordable, easily accessible and delicious options that I feel good about serving my kids. I love this brand because the integrity of its mission truly motivates me and I’m honored to be joining as CMO. I’m so excited to work closely with the Quorn USA team!”, Drew Barrymore said on the Quorn US website.

Of the partnership, World Animal News also wrote: “(This) coincides with several new product launches this fall, including Quorn Meatless ChiQin Cutlets and Quorn Meatless ChiQin Wings. On an ongoing basis, Barrymore will work with the brand to help develop new products, create recipes in partnership with the brand’s Executive Chef Stephen Kalil, and share content on how to incorporate more meat alternatives into mealtime.”

Yahoo Finance reportedly quoted Barrymore as urging Quorn, “I want accessibility and affordability—do not make this niche, don’t make it expensive, and don’t make it hard to find.”

The actor and talk-show host admits that she is a flexitarian, eating meat “very rarely”, and has been completely chicken-free for almost 14 years. The turning point for her, she said, was reading “Eating Animals” by Jonathan Safran Foer. From that point on, she said she swore she would never eat a piece of chicken again, though she admits it was rather difficult to take it “off the menu,” as quoted in Yahoo Finance.

Now, what will it take for Drew to become 100% vegan? TessDrive hopes she goes all-out vegan soon. We’re rooting for you, Drew!

Watch Drew Barrymore’s show on YouTube featuring Quorn recipes for Thanksgiving here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIj786E3vac