New film probes link between punk rock and veganism

Last February 14, reported that Moby had just released a new film titled “Punk Rock Vegan Movie”, which also marks his debut as a director.

Image: YouTube screengrab of ‘Punk Rock Vegan Movie’

Excerpts from the story:

“The movie has been written, directed, and scored by the vegan activist and delves into ‘the surprising history of punk rock and animal rights activism.’ It features interviews with Rob Zombie, Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro, Ian MacKaye, Walter Schreifels from Quicksand, and ‘dozens of punk rock legends, and also cameos from Bagel the dog, the devil, and a boardroom of demons.”

“Clocking in at 90 minutes, the film is now available to watch for free on YouTube. The description of the movie reads: ‘It’s the filmmaker and producers’ hope that no one ever pays to see this movie, as it’s a labor of love and activism.’

“Ahead of the movie’s premiere last week, Moby told the San Francisco Chronicle: ‘There’s nothing in my life more important than being an animal rights activist. I love making music, and I love doing lots of other things, but all of that is secondary. So my hope is that this movie maybe makes people question, ‘Why am I continuing to support a food system that kills a trillion animals a year; destroys the rainforest; causes antibiotic resistance; causes climate change, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and obesity?’

“The award-winning American musician has been vegan since 1987. He is a prominent figure in both electronic music and the vegan movement. He regularly uses his platform to educate followers about animal rights and environmental issues. In the TEDx Talk ‘Why I’m A Vegan,’ Moby spoke about the relationship between his family dog George and their cat, Tucker. These pets were the first incentive that led the teenage Moby to have an ‘epiphany’ about the reality of meat. He said, ‘Tucker has 2 eyes, a central nervous system, and amazingly rich emotional life, and a deep desire to avoid pain. And I realized that every animal with 2 eyes and a central nervous system has a rich emotional life and a deep desire to avoid pain.’” (Mohsina Dodhiya,

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