Peugeot PH dealers renew commitments

Peugeot Philippines held its annual business meeting Feb. 7 at Fairmont Makati with top executives and principal dealers, unveiling its plans and targets for 2024. The meeting highlighted strategic initiatives moving forward. Encompassing sales, marketing, and aftersales programs, the Astara-backed brand is envisioned to challenge the local automotive scene through its vision of an alluring future, offering its tech-forward solutions within reach.

Tech-forward, human-centric future

Peugeot Philippines emphasizes its intentions with Allure, the brand’s ethos for a tech-forward and human-centric future, geared to make the world a better and alluring place to live. Offering a cutting-edge lineup characterized by attractive design, an exciting drive, and high quality, the brand introduces new and exciting initiatives that elevate its business operations. These include easy-own payment schemes, test drive events, and lifestyle marketing activities.

‘Alluring’ SUVs

In addition to the brand’s strategic initiatives, Peugeot captivates the Filipino market with its SUV lineup 2008 Allure, 3008 (Active and Allure), and the 5008 (Active and Allure). These SUVs embody Peugeot’s commitment to delivering outstanding driving experiences, from urban settings to family road trips.