These resorts list their first, and most important, customer as Mother Nature

Even before Boracay was ordered off-limits to tourists, there had been local government units and resort owners trying to learn from the island’s “overtourism” that have led to the abuse of the environment.

One of those resort owners is One-Of Collection, the group that manages boutique resort-hotels Amorita Resort and Momo Beach House in Bohol and The Funny Lion Inn in Coron, Palawan.

In earlier interviews, CEO Nikki Cauton said that his wife, Ria, who is also the president of the group, “has been very determined” in preserving the environment. They partnered with architects and designers they believe share the same advocacy to ensure that the overall architecture of their pieces of property is aligned with their values.

“We didn’t cut down any trees,” Cauton said. “Existing trees and plants served as our foundation for planning, and we made a conscious effort to plant even more trees and preserve the natural contours of the area.”

The group applies a sustainability-driven approach in the design as evidenced not only by the landscape which is covered with lush greenery but also in terms of waste management. They have also taken into consideration the density of the whole property, which doesn’t reach 50 percent, while the rest is dedicated to open spaces and gardens.

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For The Funny Lion Inn, the resort’s architecture was designed around the mangroves. Instead of concrete, the mangroves serve as the walls covering the pool area.

“We understand that we are in a very crucial mangrove area,” Cauton said.

Before building the 32-room property, he said they consulted environmental experts and LGUs to know how they could, as business owners, help protect the surrounding natural resources.

Both resorts, according to Cauton, have implemented a zero-waste program. Amorita, the flagship property of One-Of Collection, is investing in a water treatment system. The property is nestled on a hill overlooking the Bohol Sea and Alona Beach.

“Whenever we enter into a project, that’s the first we put in,” he said.

At the roof deck of Funny Lion where the two jacuzzis are located, solar panels are conspicuously noticeable. He said that for a tropical country where there is so much solar energy to harvest, it should only be natural to use natural energy to augment power usage. The resort is located at Sitio Jolo, Bgy. Poblacion 5, Coron.

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Small things like recycling the water from sewage treatment to water the plants go a long way.

The One-Of Collection positions its properties not only as boutique hotels that cater to the more affluent and foreign market, but also as an environment-friendly business.

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