This UK budget airline will no longer offer tours that exploit animals

(Photo by Qasim Mirzaie/Pexels)

An article posted April 30 in calls to attention the daring move of UK-based EasyJet Holidays to eliminate tours and activities that exploit animals. EasyJet PLC is a low-cost airline group that operates domestic and international scheduled services on over 900 routes in more than 34 countries via its affiliate airlines. EasyJet Holidays offers beach, city, and lakes holidays to over 100 destinations across Europe.

Here are excerpts from the story:

“This marks a substantial victory for animal rights and symbolizes a broader shift towards more compassionate travel choices.

“EasyJet’s new policy prohibits the sale or promotion of marine parks, zoos, aquariums, animal rides, and performances (involving both domesticated and wild animals), effectively ending the promotion of any activity where captive animals are used for entertainment or tourist transport.”

“The decision follows thoughtful collaborations with leading animal protection organizations, underscoring a commitment to animal welfare that aligns with the values of their increasingly ethical clientele.

“Additionally, this initiative is part of EasyJet’s broader environmental, social, and governance (ESG) commitments, which also include tackling food waste, switching to electric airport transfers, and educating hotel partners on the importance of animal welfare.”

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