Why Changan BlueCore is one of the best engines in China

Changan BlueCore, first launched in 2011, opened a new era in Changan engine technology with the promise of a powerful, clean, and quiet driving experience. In 2019, Changan’s research and development team followed it up with the BlueCore NE Platform.

Still based on the pioneering design, BlueCore NE complies with current emission and fuel consumption standards. This technical achievement is the result of four years of intensive collaboration among 200 engineers at the Changan Power Research Institute in China and the Changan UK R&D Center.

BlueCore, counted among China’s top 10 engines, powers the entire Changan model lineup, including those currently available in the Philippines.

Here’s why it stands out in the global market.

Changan BlueCore boasts 300 Nm max torque

The 350 BAR Direct Gasoline Injection’s 1.5T engine yields 3.0L power output with a maximum torque of 300 Nm at 1250 RPM and achieves 40%η fast dynamic response.

The Changan Automobile Product Test and Verification System (CA-TVS) ensures consistent performance by subjecting every engine it rolls out to over 4 million km of test mileage, or 4,500 tests in 15 areas, including environment, strength, and safety. BlueCore was exposed to the harshest temperatures, from 80 degrees to -45 degrees C, as well as to elevations of 0 to 4,700 meters.

In 2020, Changan BlueCore broke the Guinness World Record for the longest live video broadcasting. The engine was made to run non-stop for 259 hours at a sustained speed of 5,500 RPM and emerged without showing any signs of wear or tear, proving its reliability and stability.

In the Philippines, the 100,000-km endurance run of the Changan CS35 Plus further proves this point. For seven months, the then-brand-new unit ran from North to South of the country under various road and weather conditions until it racked up a total mileage of 100,000 km (equivalent to five years of use). That’s approximately 20,000 km a year and 54 km a day, or driving non-stop from Laoag City to Zamboanga City 29.5 times. After the punishing drive and given the recommended PMS, the CS35 Plus powered by BlueCore remained in peak roadworthy condition. Only consumable PMS parts, such as the brake pads, oil, tires, wiper blades, and drive belt, were changed.

20% less fuel consumption

BlueCore technology boosts combustion efficiency, reduces weight and power loss, and increases fuel delivery control and injection timing. This translates to 20% lower fuel consumption and helps reduce the presence of harmful emissions in the atmosphere by 40%.

In 2020, the China 6 regulation put China at the top of the list of countries with the toughest vehicle emissions standards. Changan BlueCore was already China 6-ready in 2019. Integral to the Shangri-La Project, Changan’s new energy strategy, BlueCore is being further developed to meet the tougher China 6b standards that will be implemented this July.

60.8dB idle noise

The compact, lightweight engine boasts not only reduced fuel consumption, but also 60.8dB (A) idle noise and lower fuel consumption (1L per 100kms reduction), and diminished friction power consumption (by 27%), surpassing China’s National Noise First-Class Evaluation Standard.

Some Changan vehicles incorporate DCT (dual-clutch transmission) technology, which corresponds to transmission systems with two clutches for automatic or semi-automatic gearboxes. Clutches are used separately for odd and even gears, allowing faster shifting, eliminating the need for torque converters, and reducing emissions and unnecessary stress on the engine.