Philippine centenarians get P100,000 incentive; double if you live in this city

Since the passage of the Centenarians Act in 2016, the Philippine government (via the Department of Social Welfare and Development) has awarded a total of P468.8 million in cash to 4,688 Filipinos who turned 100 years old–a one-time, tax-free payout of P100,000 per centenarian.

For 2019, the government will set aside another P109 million for the 1,090 Filipinos expected to hit their milestone three-digit lifespan.

This was confirmed by Makati City Rep. Luis Campos Jr., House appropriations committee member, on October 13. “The fresh funding is already in the budget of the DSWD in the proposed General Appropriations Act for 2019 that we passed,” he said, as he applauded all centenarians for “lives well lived.”

Under the law, every Filipino who reaches 100 years old, whether residing in the Philippines or abroad, is entitled to a P100,000 one-time cash gift, a letter from the President of the Philippines congratulating the centenarian for his or her longevity, and a plaque of recognition.

The entitlements are on top of other rewards and benefits that centenarians may receive from their local governments.

“In Makati for instance, the city government has been paying tribute to every centenarian with a one-time P100,000 gift and a plaque of recognition since 2013–long before the passage of the Centenarians Act,” Campos pointed out.

Thus, the lawmaker said Makati residents who turn 100 years old actually receive a one-time cash gift of at least P200,000–P100,000 from the DSWD and another P100,000 from the city.

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