Want to start a plant-based Christmas feast in your home? Get great ideas from VegFest Pilipinas this November 17 and 18

Let there be peace on every plate” is this year’s VegFest Pilipinas theme, and the 80 all-vegan merchants of the most awaited festival will prove that vegan food can be delicious, fun and exciting to eat, without the artery-blocking cholesterol and all the violence that comes with eating meat.

This 2-day festival is filled with lots of vegan food, from isaw to lechon kawali to sisig to bagnet, to doughnuts and ice cream – we have veganized them all and you won’t even believe that it’s all made with plant-based ingredients, absolutely no meat and dairy! We want to show the public that going vegan, especially in our country, is easier than ever, and it’s fun and relevant.” Says TJ Jocson, the organizer and co-founder of VegFest Pilipinas. He adds, “Every year, my vegan friends and I dedicate our time and energy to organize VegFest Pilipinas, for our love for the animals, the planet and of course, for everyone who really need to stop consuming animals and animal by-products to improve their health as eating meat is still the leading cause of heart disease, diabetes and cancer”.

Save the date, it’s going to be on November 17-18, 2018 at BGC Arts Center, from 8 am to 10 pm. Each day is packed with activities such as yoga and fitness classes, cooking demos, educational talks and games.

With last year’s success with more than 10,000 attendees, we decided to move to a bigger venue to accommodate more vegan-curious. The festival will be graced by Filipino vegan celebrities like Mara Lopez, Meds Marfil of Truefaith, Addy Raj, John James Uy, and Rafael Rosell. The vegan community in the Philippines is like one very big family, it’s fun and everyone feels at home, and we want to share this with more people”, says Jana Sevilla, the PR head of VegFest Pilipinas.

Each year, VegFest Pilipinas chooses a beneficiary, and this year it’s Science of Identity (SIF) Care, a non-profit organization that actively campaigns veganism, animal protection through its various projects like feeding programs, environment clean-up drives and anti-pawikan poaching campaigns.

A global shift to a plant-based diet is said to be the single most effective way of combatting the effects of climate change, as the United Nations point out that animal agriculture is the main contributor to global warming. VegFest Pilipinas is the yearly festival to celebrate the solution to this global problem in the most fun way.

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